Welding explained, learn welding basics.

Learn about welding.

On this page you can learn about welding this training designed to help you becoming a good welder. The process of welding is explained in the smallest detail with video animations and macro shots of various welding types. In depth explanations will allow you to understand what is happening during welding and give you good foundation to learn about more specific types of welding. You will find that your understanding of all explanations will improve if you rewatch this videos several times. Every new revisit you will gain deeper knowlage and understanding and more things will start to make sense to you.

Welding for beginners.

Welding for beginners content is crucial to grasp as without it you may never gather complete understanding of welding procces. There are 4 main types of welding that we are using in the company and learning ALL of them will make you so much better at any ONE of them.

Further welding courses online.

Once you have finish watching this video it is advisable for you to watch “How to Stick weld“, “How to TiG weld“, “How to MiG weld” as well as “Propane torch cutting” and “How to sharpen drill bits“. Those videos contain basic information you need to start practicing in the work shop using contents of scrap bin.


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