Welding services on Long Rich Digger in Aberdeen

Welding services on Long Rich Digger in Aberdeen Harbour finished image.

Welding services on Long Rich Digger3

Welding services on the tooth replacement.

Here you can see final image of tooth being welded in place. No wonder they need to do them very often considering digging stones and in this case working of the barge and under the water. Welding services  was not limited to this repair only, out of all welding companies they called us to fix a fuel tank on this big CAT Long reach digger. Those are very unique welding services and not many welding companies will do it.

If you interested to know how did we managed to provide welding services on the digger that  is digging see bed under water, check out our blog post on fuel tank repair. The same technique was used here as is described in that post.

If you would like to use this image for your own purposes, you more then welcome to do so, just make a reference that image is a courtesy of http://weld-delux.co.uk/