Specifics of steel fabrication when building marine fuel tanks.

In this image you can see odd shape fuel tank that is painted white colour.

Steel fabrication of marine fuel tanks

Steel fabrication of marine fuel tanks

As you can see this fuel tank is of a strange shape, steel fabrication of marine fuel tanks is quite specific as there are many things that needs to be taken into the account. In order to utilize  available space efficiently. Steel fabrication companies have to create tanks that will follow shape of the boat. Boat can have one or two fuel tanks, in case where two tanks are used they must be of a same size and volume as this will help to balance the boat.

Due to constant movement of fuel inside tanks must be made from heavier materials then what is normally used for tanks  on dry land. For larger sizes internal baffles are common practice they restrict fuel fluctuations in the rough seas. The other 2 component that steel fabrication company must include in marine tanks is air breather and inspection hatch.

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