Metal Fabricators at Drive End of Stainless Steel Fabrication Project

Here you will see drive end of conveyor that was made by metal fabricators as part of their stainless steel fabrication project.

Drive End of Stainless Steel Fabrication Project

In the image you see front, drive end of the conveyor with black rubber drive roller. This type of roller is very popular to use by steel fabricators through out similar stainless steel fabrication projects. it offers good grip and friction on soft belts even in presents of natural oils. The only disadvantage is if it is not maintain correctly it can cause to destroy the belt or making it start to cut into the wall due to uneven tension on the rollers. This will happen if both rollers are not 100% parallel to each other. Many metal fabricators  started to use Grooved rollers in their stainless steel fabrication. By having a groove on the roller and  guide on the belt there is better control over ho it positions it self.

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