Fuel Tanks

Storage and Fuel Tank Manufacturer and Supplier

We offer custom storage and fuel tanks for sale, those are not items that are mass produced somewhere far east. We manufacture diesel fuel tanks, diesel storage tanks,  oil storage tanks any of them can be fabricated from steel, aluminium or stainless steel and used to store fuel on the site or on the boat.

Stainless Steel Storage Tank FabricationFabricated tanks can also be used to store other liquids like water, molasses, food products like beverages, yogurt or milk. They may accommodate mixers or heating elements within the tank.

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Stainless Steel Fuel Tanks and Storage Tanks UK

Stainless steel Stainless steel fuel tank on the boatis an excellent material for the storage tanks and fuel tanks due to the inherent corrosion resistance of the material and ability to provide very smooth surface when polished. These properties are the reason why stainless steel is a mandatory material for use in the food processing industry. Often stainless used in the fuel tank fabrication for the boat, however, care should be taken as stainless steel is heavier than mild steel and can affect the trim or speed of the boat. We provide high-quality stainless steel fuel tanks and storage tanks across the UK.

Aluminium Fuel Tanks and Oil Tanks

Oil Storage Tank heat absorbing topsAluminium is perfect material for fabrication of fuel tanks and especially for hydraulic oil tanks as the thermal conductivity of aluminium is so high. It is possible to arrange tank fabrication in such a way that will promote cooling of the oil in the tank a lot better and permit smaller tank size by volume. Due to aluminium been much less dense then steel, it is often material of choice for fabrication of fuel tanks that are used in fast boats and vehicles for substantial saving in weight.

Steel Diesel Fuel Tanks

Most of the fuel tanks fabricated out of regular mild steel and they perform extremely well in the right application. Steel fuel tank fabrication requires the least complex methods of fabrication and welding and the material itself is not as expensive as stainless or aluminium.

Diesel Oil Storage Tank Fabrication

Metal storage tanks allow you the flexibility that cannot be achieved with any other materials like plastic. Really large steel storage tanks can be produced to accommodate huge volumes and fabricated on sites without the need for expensive and complex transportation arrangements. Due to the strength of the steel, the tanks can be produced in various forms and heights and allow positioning in tight spaces at specific locations.

Manufacturing of Oil storage tankUsually, storage tanks or process tanks are larger and fabricated out of lighter gauge materials as they are static and do not require baffles inside. Both storage tanks and marine tanks normally have an inspection window in the form of access hatch for cleaning inside of the tank.

Some of those tanks may be used as oil storage tanks, others for water, brine, flour, cement or chemical. That is right, tanks are a convenient way to store and dispense powders or granulated materials as well as liquids. You may like to call it a hopper or silo but effectively it is still a tank. Depending on the application some tanks can be square, round, with a conical bottom and have ancillary vibration or mixing equipment installed on them.

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Boat Fuel Tanks

marine fuel tank manufacturing There are several available options when it comes to marine diesel tanks, water tanks or custom petrol tanks. Generally, boat fuel tanks are shaped to accommodate curvatures of the boat and have baffles inside of the tank that will minimise movement of fuel when at sea. Marine fuel tanks can be fabricated out of different materials depending on design requirements. Steel fuel tanks are more common for diesel fuel and stainless steel tanks can be used for diesel or for freshwater.

Fuel Tank Repairs

The service life of a tank can be significantly extended by performing repairs. Some of those repairs may require some hot work like welding and potentially are very dangerous considering the volatile nature of the fuel vapors.  So far we have done a lot of tank repairs and developed technology that enables us to carry out safe fuel tank repairs in place even if some fuel still in it. Our mobile welding van set up that allows us to travel all over the country and repair tanks in difficult to access areas.

It is unfortunate but we can not give you a price for manufacturing custom fuel tank based on its volume. Various materials cost is different and they require different production processes.  No oil tank or storage tank company can price without taking this into consideration. If you would like to know the cost of custom marine diesel tank or any other type of tank. (Except military firing monsters)

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