Steel Fabricators in Aberdeen.

Do you need  Steel fabricators who are approachable and easy to work with,  metal fabrication company that you can trust? Steel fabricators who can deliver quality service at a reasonable price?

abstract stack of metal angle for background used

We have solutions to your metal fabrication problems. Our work shop is near Aberdeen however it is not uncommon to see our mobile welding van at work in Dundee, Perth, Edinburgh or Glasgow

We have expert knowledge and experience to undertake projects with different levels of complexity. Our customer’s benefit from our metal fabrication experience and welding Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, and many other metals.

Other metal fabricators and steel fabrication companies.

In comparison to other metal fabrication companies, we have done a huge variety of different projects such as pressure vessel, steel tanks, fire escape ladders, security doors, pipework and material handling systems.

Stainless Steel fabricators making a hopper

If you are looking for steel fabricators or fabrication company in Aberdeen or anywhere else in the UK right now, you got two options.

1. Send your enquiry to us by email to info@weld-delux.co.uk or call 01779 487 170 to get the job done.

Or –

2. Spend the rest of the day searching for a  steel fabricator online.

If time is money, please choose wisely!

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