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Stainless steel fabricators building steam pipe line

Looking for a reliable sheet metal fabricator near you? Weld-delux LTD offers top-tier sheet metal fabrication services tailored to your specific needs. Our expert welders ensure precision, durability, and exceptional quality in every project. From custom designs to complex repairs, we provide comprehensive solutions right at your location. As a leading fabrication company, we prioritize customer satisfaction, delivering results that meet the highest standards. Trust Weld-delux LTD for all your sheet metal fabrication needs and experience the convenience of professional, on-site service. Contact us today for a free quote and discover why we are the best sheet metal fabricators near you!

Construction Industry

The vast majority of metal fabrication work that we do for construction companies are repairs and modifications to steel work on sites. Anyone who works on site knows that bits come with parts missing or welded in wrong places and if you are the one who has to deal with it, you know, it better be done before concrete comes in tomorrow.diggers bucket fabrication

Other metal fabrication projects that you can spot us working on are repairs on diggers buckets, installation of stainless steel handrails, fabrication and installation of walkways and metal escape ladders.

Basically, if it is metal, we can make it, fix it, modify it or talk about it for hours all depends on what are you prepared to pay for.

Private Sector

Metal fabrication of free floating stairsEvery so often we get interesting requests from private individuals. It is totally random and is very interesting as it brings in a variety. Some of the metal fabrication projects where modification of a bike fuel tank for TT race,  Rain deer immobiliser, Free-floating staircase. We really value those sort of adventures as they bring spice to our table.

What else can i say, if you have project in mind, drop us an email or call and we will help you to price it and implement it life.

Oil and Gas

Metal fabrication of BOP support holderAberdeen being oil and gas capital of Europe host plenty of companies who work in Oil and Gas and require some metal fabrication. In addition to this, there are companies who work in the renewable energy sector. One of our customers offers Biogas production solutions for companies across the UK. New technology in extraction, as well as recovery of energy from waste materials, ensure that this sector of economy still offers a lot of business opportunities for metal fabrication companies.

Stainless Steel fabricators

In recent years metal fabricators saw an increase in orders in stainless steel. Many companies started to realise that over the long service life of thefabrication of Stainless steel pipe clamps item the costs of recoating and corrosion preventions are escalated to the level where it is more feasible to produce items in stainless steel.  No downtime and transportation cost to and from the paint shop, no corrosion prevention program, no issues with storage of paints and other volatile substances on site, just clean hygienic and food safe products.

The increasing popularity of stainless steel contributed to superior corrosionStainless steel fabrication of hand rail posts resistance and aesthetic appearance of the polished surface. Stainless steel fabrication is not difficult nor it easy it is simply different as stainless steel has specific physical and chemical properties. We have a lot of experience in stainless steel fabrication as we have fabricated a lot of items from hygienic pipework to conveyors.

Marine Sector

Metal fabrication of Stainless steel landing tableAs stainless steel fabricators we are involved in many metal fabrication projects for Marine industry and commercial fishing. Fabricating Fuel tanks, masts, Rollers and haulers that allow easy deployment or extraction of fishing equipment. There is huge hope in the industry with many boat owners expecting to have fishing quotas increased due to Brexit. This would automatically translate into growing demand  for stainless steel fabricators to deliver more metal fabrication projects within the industry.

Food Processing Sector

Metal fabrication of conveyors for food production factoryFrom material handling equipment like conveyors or pipework to vacuum lines we have done it all. If you have a metal fabrication requirements for the food processing industry. Do not hesitate to contact us even if you need advice or recommendation. Poorly executed metal fabrication projects can lead to microbial or fungal contaminations of the product.

It cost you nothing to ask a question!

Aluminium Fabricators

Metal fabrication of Aluminium framesMost companies will tell you that aluminium is a really difficult material to work with. That is not true, it is a very common misconception arrived from the fact that most fabricators do not have enough experience with it. The only hard or difficult thing about aluminium is the health risks associated with welding it. This is one of the reasons why aluminium fabricators charge a higher rate for the work on aluminium projects. We are close to you, because we offer on site mobile welding services. Just call us for any aluminium welding or fabrication project.

Currently, we hold welding procedures that enable us to manufacture items for the following applications:

Pressure vessels – (Application Codes: PD5500, BSEN  13445, ASME B&PV Section VIII)

Process Pipework – (Application Codes: BS 2633, BS 4677, BS 2971ANSI/ASME B31.1, ANSI/ASME B31.3)

Structural  – ( Application Codes: AWS D1.1, BS EN 1011)

Storage tanks – (Application Codes: BS EN 14015, BS EN 12285, API620/650)

Offshore Containers –  (Application Code: DNV 2.7-1)

Stainless steel welding

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