Pressure Vessels

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It is safe to assume that the most famous stainless steel pressure vessel that we know today is a test module that is fabricated by SpaceX for their BFS space ship. That is correct, the rocket is the pressure vessel as it designed to contain normal atmospheric pressure of 1 bar within (very loose interpretation here). That is fascinating as we always think of space as an extremely harsh environment. Some of those ships are not even welded.  In our cars, we have fabricated aluminium pressure vessels within the internal combustion engine that pressurise to around 150 bar during ignition or have a relatively small pressure vessel that we send to Mariana trench where the pressure is over 1000 bar. If you would try to swim out there without any protection from the pressure vessel, every square centimeter of your body would experience a little over 1000 kg of pressure.

The Optimum Size for Pressure Vessel

When it comes to pressure vessel manufacturing, size really matters. The larger they are, the less pressure they can hold due to an increase in surface area. Design and build of any pressure vessel, stainless, steel, or aluminium is a compromise. It is a balanced equation based on application requirements and the physical properties of manufacturing materials. The very same stainless steel pressure vessel that can go to space would be crushed if used in an underwater application.  Even if you fabricate aluminium pressure vessel that is capable to be used underwater it would be too heavy to fly despite aluminium being around 60% lighter than Stainless. The difference in operating pressures is huge.

We do not offer design services for any pressure vessel, just manufacturing to your requirement. If you need a design we will have to get a third party involved in the project.

Testing of Pressure Vessels

Depending on test pressure requirements we are also able to offer hydrostatic testing or compressed gas testing for pressure vessels or tanks manufactured by Weld-delux. Please complete the form on your right to receive a quote or answers to your questions.

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