Welding: Why You Need The Right People For The Job

Welding is a very challenging, dangerous and skill-specific process; some even call it an art form. It’s so important, therefore, to get the right people for any sort of weld or fabrication job that you need done. Nobody wants to be left with shoddy workmanship that stands out like an eyesore; or dealing with a welder who takes forever to get the job done while your bank balance drops dangerously low. Knowing what you should be able to expect from a welder will help you find someone with the experience to get the job done to the highest possible standard.

What To Expect From Your Welders

Welders are those with the skills to fabricate or sculpt materials so that they can be joined together. Usually this is the joining of metals (or, in some cases, thermoplastics) and is done by causing fusion in order to melt the base metals. The most common image of a welder is of them with their welding helmet on and sparks flying. For that reason, most people often think heat is the primary force involved in welding – but it’s actually secondary. The main force is pressure; it just happens that most welding is undertaken using heat. The method that is most widely used is Shielded Metal Arc, although it isn’t the only way. The same goes for the type of energy source – everything from gas flames to lasers can be honed to weld. As you can imagine, this type of work is both skill-specific and dangerous. You should expect welding companies to inform you of any problems that may occur from the materials being used or from the environment in which the welding is taking place. In addition, they should inspect their work for any cracks, distortion, undercutting or other issues before completing the job. Most importantly they should be professional in undertaking all necessary safety precautions – especially if the work is taking place in a populated area such as a construction site.

What Do Steel Fabricators Do?

If you are looking for steel fabricators, it’s likely you want someone who can deliver sculpted metal structures to exact specification. Metal fabrication is when metals such as aluminium, stainless steel and, of course, steel, are cut, bent and assembled in step-by-step process to construct a final product that can be shipped to the client. In many cases, the welder will complete the product as per any engineering drawings. However, in some circumstances, they will need to use their own judgment if no details are provided. In either case, it’s worth finding someone with experience to get it right as it is not a simple process – especially since you will, most likely, be fronting the cost of the materials and labour. The steel would be cut to size. This can be done through shearing the metal or by using saws; but, in the case of steel, cutting torches are very effective at cutting large sections with a small amount of effort. Any bending is usually done via hammers or similar tools. After that, the welding is the main component of steel fabrication. Here the formed, and machined, parts are assembled and welded into place. It’s then inspected for faults and is ready to be shipped.

What Is Mobile Welding?

Mobile welding, over the years, has become an increasingly bigger part of the construction industry. This is when materials are welded outside of the controlled environments where fabricators generally work, such as a factory or a workshop. Instead, the materials are welded on-site. This can be a necessity, particularly when it comes to the construction of high-rise buildings (where space and height are issues), bridges and when miles of pipe are being laid. However, it can be used for smaller jobs too – such as the maintenance of metal fences and gates. The main challenge for this process is that the welder receives power that is both steady and reliable in order to actually complete the weld. This can be done via a small transformer or a maintenance or transportation vehicle. However, this can also depend on the conditions with which the welder is faced. For example, it could be that job requires them to be out in the wind and rain, or to be underwater to maintain or repair the hull of a ship. So, whilst this process continues to be widely used and has helped drive down transportation costs, it presents its own set of unique challenges.

Why You Should Find Quality Welding Services

By now you should be starting to realise the importance of sourcing welding services that will bring both quality and experience to the table. Whether you’re looking for welders or metal fabricators, both require a wide range of skills, and the ability to adapt to situations, conditions and the materials being used. In this day and age, finding such a welder is hard going. A recent poll of 2,000 young people aged between 18 and 35 found that half of them didn’t even know what a welder did. It’s a far cry from the days of the 20th century where there was no skill gap in a trade, advanced largely as a result of both World Wars that created a surplus of skilled and experienced people. Given this there is no question as to what is of most value: experience. You need someone who is confident in their ability and has a standing reputation that can back up this confidence. One company that can provide just this is Weld-Delux which is based in Peterhead and provides Aberdeen fabrication services.

Contact Weld-Delux If You Want Welding Done Right

It’s clear that welding should not be performed by amateurs. You need the professionals. That’s us. At Weld-Delux, we offer a range of services from our welds to our fabrication services – and we even have specially fitted mobile units to enable our weld team to fabricate or repair at most remote sites. We have experience in most industries – such as food processing, construction, oil and gas, marine or subsea and chemical productions – and care about being outstanding, reliable and offering affordable rates. Your search is over. Call us today at 07552 843741, email us via info@weld-delux.co.uk or visit www.weld-delux.co.uk to start a business relationship you won’t regret.