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Steel Fabricators: How To Select The Best Steel Fabricator To Work On Your Project

Steel Fabrication

Steel fabricators provide different kinds of services. Some prioritise bulk production projects at lower costs while others focus on small projects with more customisation options. Moreover, you will find some that provide a specialist service, and others that deliver across a wide scope of projects. With so many options to choose from, use the following tips to find the best fabricator:

a) Capability

Regardless of whether it’s a small or big project, capability is always a vital factor that must be considered. Find out whether the company will be able to deliver what you need. Take a look at their capability in welding, forming cutting, and machining. Ask them about the types of steel they are best at working with, the production services they offer, and their take on different designs. It is all about finding the right fit for your project.

b) Experience

Steel fabrication requires experience. From the business itself to the employees working for the firm, ensure that the fabricators and welders have the experience required to handle your project. This way, you’ll be able to avoid costly mistakes in the long run. Ask the company you’re considering about the scope of their industry knowledge, including their knowledge of applicable regulations, how they manage their operations, and other similar projects they might have previously handled.

c) Customer Service

Customer service matters in the steel welding industry. After all, you certainly don’t want to get in business with steel fabricators who do not recognise or understand your specific business requirements, or who are not willing to budge on those details that matter most to you. Effective communication should be established from the offset.

d) Pricing

Get as many quotes as you can from your shortlist of eligible candidates. Find out the reasons behind each price discrepancies. Chances are the high price might be due to the use of higher quality steel, more precise cutting tools, and customised services.

In conclusion, finding the right steel fabricators should not be difficult. As long as you know exactly what you are looking for, you do your research and you interview a number of companies, you should be able to find one that will deliver the exact services you need. This way, your project is more likely to proceed smoothly and with exceptionally good results.

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Animal immobiliser for reindeer

Hm …. where do i start with this? That is a kind of thought that where running through my mind when customer asked to make animal immobiliser for his reindeer’s. Animal immobiliser for reindeerIt was very unusual and it attracted me a lot as it is MUCH MORE FUN then producing 5000 metal brackets. It is not the same thing where you just roll one thing after the other, not a repetitive boring kind.

Quite unusual to this sort of projects customer already had a set of drawings and some ideas of how everything supposed to work. After inspecting design i made couple of little modifications that would improve functionality of this machine and give it little more strength.

Those changes mostly affected compression and locking system. Originally you needed two people to operate imobiliser, one person would control the animal and lead it into the machine and  the other person would compress and imobilise the animal. All the time when animal was imobilised some one had to push on, in order to keep tension and keep deer secure while some one else was working on it. It looked little unpractical to me, so once i fitted some limiters,  friction lockFriction lock on immobiliser and made adjustable fixing points it become possible for one person to do all 3 jobs as you where able to bring deer into the machine, compress it and lock machine in that position. Best of all you are able to lock machine in any stage of compression depending on the size of the animal that you are working on.

The way that imobiliser works is similar to clam shell, you bring raindeer into the machine and then two sides of it closing together compressing animal in between of them like in between two walls. Image of working Reindeer immobiliserThose sides are made from special density foam similar to what you find inside of your car seat and cowered with special high strength canvas. The canvas is so strong and tightly knighted that it is water repellent, it is brilliant for this job as it can be operated in the rain and be cleaned up with water or soapy solution while allowing foam to breath. This aids compression process and also  prevents liquids from penetration into the foam and any bacteria to grow in it. At the same time this canvas is a night mare to stitch together, i had to resort to visiting one of the companies that makes fishing nets and they give me one of the needles that they use in their line of wok. This was 200mm monster needle, biggest needle i ever seen or used, one that you will never consider to sew your shirt with. Armed with the needle, small rope as a thread, pliers and lots of determination i managed to sew everything together to the sizes i needed.

All machine was made from modular components so it can be build up or taken down for transportation or storage. All components are marked for ease of installation and can be assembled or disassembled under 10 minutes that allow for grate  degree of flexibility. All wood including backing inside of compression cushions is painted several times with hard wearing rubberised floor paint to preserve it. Bolts that fixing cushions are fitted through the wood and joint with steel bar on the back and fixed to the wood, so when you lock the nuts to fix cushion on the frame bolts will not turn.

Just a several little improvements that make life easy for those who will be operating this machine. It was cool and interesting project, due to its uniqueness i was taking plenty of the photographs, but the best ones came from the customer when they started to use imobiliser.


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Fuel Tank Repair On Motorbike Or Any Other Vehicle

Ok, before i start i have to draw the line and make differentiations and clarification that Fire trianglethere is some things and processes that designed by the book and 9 times out of the 10 they stay in the book, on other hand there is a REAL life where things need to be done and they get done. The latest one is what drives the world, at least this is how i see it.

Here is walk through one of the projects that i done while back  that i thought it will be interesting for people, as it is not a every day sort of job.

So, there is a gentleman in Aberdeen who race motorbikes and he was preparing his bike for TT race. Now i am not a biker and definitely not a racer, but i take my hat off to you who is into it. Anyway back to the fuel tank, my customer wanted to use a fuel tank from a bigger cc bike on his small bike as it would give him longer time without refueling.

All work done in his garage, (we provide mobile welding services too) the wall thickness is very thin,  so to keep it the same and light weight i used lightest material that i had in stock and that happen to be 304 grade stainless steel 0.5mm thick that left over from the other project. Bottom part of new tank was roundish and needed to be flattened out so it can fit on the smaller frame of small bike.

Fuel tanks always and specially when they empty (Fumes are way more flammable then liquid!) are very dangerous to work with and present risk of explosion. Many different people try to overcome this problem by filling it up with the water. It never works that good, you always left with a little pocket of air  fuel mix as if you fill it all of way up you will not be able to work on it. In addition to that, especially  old cars fuel tanks have many baffles inside that makes impossible to get that water out of the tank when you finish. By many it is a crap job that people do not want doing, due to a lots of hassle associated with it.

To me, job is a job so i do those sort of things. First i totally diss like idea of putting water inside of the fuel tank, instead i fill it up with inert gas like Argon.Ongoing motorbike fuel tank repairs As you probably know already and as you can see on this image in order for fire to exist, you must have 3 components. Oxygen, Fuel and Heat it is also known as Fire Triangle. If we can eliminate one of them there will be no fire and in our case no fire, no BANG!!! Which is exactly what i need. To be honest i do not mind fire as long as it is outside of the tank. I actually prefer that any fumes ignite and burn right away instead of escape and form clouds that can be combusted after.

At all times when i do any sort of work on the fuel tank i will purge it with inert gas first and never stop purging until job is finished and cools down to the temperature that can not ignite the fumes. Image on the left shows you fuel tank with clear pipe that is purging it with Argon. Any welding supply store will sale you Argon flow gauge that you can use to meter flow of the gas in liters per minute, they are around £5. I want to create positive pressure with argon gas inside of the tank so that atmospheric oxygen can not get in and cause the fire/explosion. Do not make too much pressure in side as if you do, it will start to blow holes as soon as you begin to weld and metal will get hot, it needs to be just above 1 atmosphere (normal air pressure (Could be more or less depends on your elevation)).

Next step once you purged tank with the gas is to cut out the bits that you do not need. Try to cut them out as one piece if possible as it will act as a template for you to cut new replacement part. I have a preference of making second template on card board paper and then use it to see how it fit. This way i can trim it easy and mark areas that needs to be extended so when i cut final piece, it is as good as it is going to be.

Modified Motorbike fuel tankNext, fit in your replacement part or expansion section, what ever you doing and tack it all as much as you need to make sure that it will not move and your gaps will not open up when you will be welding. As you can see i have loots of tags  on this tank as my wall is only 0.5mm thick, any movement or gap increase will make my life nightmare. Once it is welded and cool, stop purging ad disconnect everything. Job done.

I forgot to take picture after it is being done as i was rushing home to beat the traffic.

May be next time! 😉

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What Is Welding

It is common misconception by many people that welding is a process that requires heat or electric arc. In reality heat is secondary product or some time it is the something that can aid welding. Any process where two separate parts penetrate into each other and forming bond that is as strong as surrounding material is welding. As example plastic pipes that used for water or drainage have elbows, t pieces and flanges that plumber ,,glue,, together. Correction WELD,s together, the glue designed not to stick to the pipe but to melt pipe and neighboring object so when you join them together their surfaced are welded.

Here is a video that shows this process in details.

Depends on application and material type different processes are used. Right enough avast majority of them utilize heat to produce welds and quite often quite a lot of it. Even plastics can be welded with heat.

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