Welder Aberdeen - Competition Can Be Tough for a Welder in Aberdeen

Scotland used to be a country of big industry; steel works, shipyards, and mines were the backbone of the country. Now that they’re mostly gone, or in decline, a welder Aberdeen must look to other places for work, and competition for the best jobs in traditional welding sectors is fierce.

The good news is that the service of skilled welders is needed everywhere! All you have to do is widen your job search a little to include companies and sectors that may never have occurred to you before. Welding is, after all, the ultimate in transferable skills and it has been estimated that within the next ten years or so nuclear plants alone will require over 20,000 welders on staff. So the future looks great, yes? But, what about the present? Well, the most obvious choices are the Army, Navy and Airforce. Not only do these institutions always need welders, but also they’ll train you if you haven’t been already. If you’ve got plenty of experience, this might not be the answer. Instead, have you considered looking to steel fabricators for work? These private sector companies need the help of an experienced welder at most times, but even more so when they first start up. If you get your foot in the door early, you could even end up training their new employees.

Weld-Delux are a Scottish company that work primarily in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow, and we often have positions to offer to a skilled welder Aberdeen. If you’d be interested in working for us, you can contact our team at info@weld-delux.co.uk to enquire.