Steel Fabricators: What Do They Do?

Steel fabricators are part of a trade that is in demand. Structural steelwork prices have been increasingly steadily since last year, but not as fast as other construction materials – meaning that steelwork has become more competitive framing material. Therefore there have been big demands in the construction industry. But changes have also been happening within the welding industry as a whole. With new regulations coming in as of last year, it can be hard to know if your contractors are complying with the rules. This is why it is important to know what to look for and ensure the company you choose has the right experience.

Changes To The Steel Fabricator Industry

The steel fabricator industry welders went through one of its most dramatic changes in recent history when CE marking was introduced. While this isn’t a new concept – it started being introduced in 1988 – it only began to affect every steel fabrication company in the UK last year. CE marketing was originally brought about as a consumer protection device to create a level playing field of standards across the European Union. It means that a product can be legally put on the market in all EU countries, ensures freer movement of products within the EU. It also means that products that don’t conform to these rules are banned. The changes have been slowly introduced into all industries. They were first adopted within the construction industry under the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) in March 2011, to enforce, within the UK, the European Construction Products Directive (CPD). Steel fabricators UK wide were some of the last companies to be affected when it became a requirement for all companies dealing in fabricated steelwork and construction in civil engineering to have CE marking in place by 1 July 2014. While this may seem like a problem purely for those within the industry, it also effects those who employ steel fabricators. Clients are required to ensure that their contractors have the required accreditation, or “executive class”, to be suitable for inclusion in their construction projects.

Why You Should Consider UK Steel Fabricators

All in all, while it may seem like it is more ‘red tape’ to negotiate, it only serves to improve the quality of the service you receive from UK steel fabricators. The CPD has introduced six key principles for materials that are to be used in civil engineering within the European Union. The materials must be safe from fire, be safe when in use, and adhere to the upkeep of hygiene, health and the environment. The materials must also protect against noise, be economically energy efficient and retain heat, and, finally, demonstrate a mechanical stability and resistance. These harmonised EU principles were introduced on 1 July 2014 under the standard of BS EN 1090-1 – making it a criminal offence to supply any structural metalwork after this date that does not carry a legitimate CE marking or does not adhere to the standards it sets. So what does this mean for you as the client? As stated, it is there to protect consumers and, in the case of the construction industry, clients too. However, it shouldn’t be relied upon as any sort of moral adherence to the raising of standards. It has been pushed through via legislation. So when looking for a fabricator, you’ll want to find someone who doesn’t just tick all the boxes – you’ll want someone who goes that one step further than the rest to offer their clients everything they need. At Weld-Delux, that’s exactly what is provided.

For The Best Steel Fabricators, Come To Weld-Delux

Considering all of this, it’s a good choice to go with steel fabricators. The materials are cheap and the business is booming. But you just don’t want cheap; you want one of the best welding companies out there. At Weld-Delux, we provide this quality at a price that is completely affordable to our wide-ranging portfolio of clients across the UK – both old and new. Visit for more information or to make enquires through our easy-to-use contact form. We can also be reached at 07552 843741 or via If you want experience, expertise and exquisite fabrication, don’t delay; call Weld-Delux today.