Modular conveyors & Stainless steel conveyor systems.

stainless steel conveyorsThere are numerous conveyor systems manufacturers around the world, there are even more companies who re sale bulk material handling equipment made far East.

We don’t, we manufacture all industrial conveyors  in our workshop or some time on customers site here in UK. Material handling machinery  will be made to suit your requirements.

Regardless of what you need to transport we can offer you advice and expertise, not all applications can re use conveyors from one project into an other. Bulk material handling  conveyors that was used for aggregates will not transport fish very well, in addition you need Stainless steel conveyors systems in order to comply with hygienic requirements. Purpose build stainless steel conveyor system will always perform with grates degree of efficiency and practicality.

Industrial Automation of material handling equipment.

Incline conveyor, modular conveyors, flexible conveyors or any other type of industrial conveyors system can be manufactured and automated by us. Even if complete idea still not formed in your head, talk to us and lets do some brain storming together! Call 01779 487 170 or drop email to