Metal Fabricator Welder – Should You Hire An Independent Welder?

A metal fabricator welders are someone who can help you to fit, customise and repair various steel, stainless steel and aluminium goods. Depending upon the tools and experience they have, they may even be able to help you create custom items.

There are, of course, different benefits and pitfalls of hiring independent tradesmen or large steel fabricators to do a job for you. Some of them are pretty obvious. For example, large jobs, such as the fitting or customisation of production line equipment, can only usually be handled by large companies. Some independent tradesmen, however, will be able to perform other bigger jobs, like the fitting or creation of unique driveway gates. The only downside being that they may take longer to do so, or require more money (if they have to hire temporary help). Broadly speaking, however, the benefits of hiring independent welders or smaller welding companies are as follows: the service is more personal, they often charge lower rates due to lower overhead fees, and you can build a relationship with the individual, which is based on trust and past experiences of their work. When it comes to larger companies, you may not be able to get this personal service or relationship due to employee turnover, but they can deal with bigger jobs more quickly and can even help you to create items rather than customise them.

So, the key is to determine what’s more important to you. A personal trusted service? Or, a quick job on large-scale projects? The truth is; you don’t need to compromise. Weld-Delux is a leading metal fabricator welder company, and we work primarily in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. To find out more go to