Aberdeen Welder - Beat The Competition In This Industry

Long ago, Scotland was a place that thrived on large industry, such as mines, shipyards, and steelworks. However, that has declined significantly, and thus an Aberdeen welder must broaden their search when looking for work, as competition to find the very best jobs in conventional welding sectors is intense.

Something proficient welders will be glad to hear is that their service is in demand everywhere. All you need to do is widen your search for work a bit to incorporate sectors and firms that you hadn’t considered previously. Welding is one of the greatest transferable skills, and, also, it's been projected that within approximately another ten years, the nuclear plants industry alone will demand more than 20,000 welders on staff. The future looks amazing, yes? But, have you considered the opportunities that awaits you today? Well, a few of the best choices would be the Navy, Army, or Airforce. Not only do they want welders, but also you will experience training, so this is a good place to start. If you have got a lot of expertise, this may not be the best route to go down. Instead, you should be looking for steel fabricator for work. Definitely, these private sector businesses want assistance from a skilled welder especially during their first few months in the business. Keep an eye out for any new companies that are opening and target these to try and secure a job.

One company you should consider applying for a job with is Weld-Delux. We are a Scottish firm, and are often on the lookout for new team members. If you are a proficient Aberdeen welder, then Weld-Delux could be just the firm for you. So, send an email to info@weld-delux.co.uk and let’s take it from there.